NORTH CAROLINA YOUTH TAP ENSEMBLE is one of the best percussive dance ensembles in the world – period. They dance with ferocity, technical virtuosity and maturity beyond their years which is a testament to the visionary leadership of Gene Medler.” — Lane Alexander, Founder and Artistic Director, Chicago Human Rhythm Project

“On a scale of 1-10, they were 20+… best performance I have seen in 36 years!” — Lisa Hamer, Berkeley County School District, South Carolina

“I had to rub my eyes. I knew I was looking at kids, but their maturity and commitment to the work is way beyond their years. NCYTE has that irrepressible explosiveness of youth — so pure and honest. Yet they are technically adept, true to the integrity of the music and move with ensemble precision. Does anyone have a better time dancing? I don’t think so.” — Linda Belans (former dance critic, News and Observer, Raleigh, NC)