Jason Janas

 “NCYTE is the definition of what a true youth tap ensemble should be. It has great leadership and tradition, and the alumni could be an all star team in themselves.  I have NEVER seen NCYTE look anything less than stellar!!

  Every great home or company starts with the head, and Gene Medler is as good as they come!! I’ve made great friends from NCYTE, and gained family!! I love tap dance…I love Gene Medler…I LOVE NCYTE!!! “

Josh Hilberman

“NCYTE, founded by the brilliant Gene Medler, exceeds every notion of a “youth’ program”:  developing technical skills, nurturing choreographic sensibilities, honing performance abilities, building stage presence, teaching musical awareness, encouraging improvisational sophistication, feeding brains and soles and never losing a sense of PLAYFULNESS.  His mentorship and that company have forever changed the history of tap dance.”

David & Tammy Marshall

“My wife and I are season ticket holders to several venues in the area (DPAC, Raleigh Little Theatre, etc.) and we can honestly say that your show was by far the most enjoyable and the least expensive.  I guess great things sometimes do come with small price-tags.  We’re on a mission to spread the word about NCYTE…!”

Lyric Kinard
Washington Elementary School PTA Cultural Arts Representative

“The NC Youth Tap Ensemble was one of the best performing groups we have ever had! The show held the children’s attention throughout and it was a delight to see so many toes (grown and little alike) shuffling and tapping for the rest of the day. Seeing a broad range of ages among the performers and the incredibly high level of talent was an inspiration to our students.  I would unreservedly recommend this performing group to any age school! They are truly amazing!