Triangle Arts & Entertainment:
Unprecedented talent of the North Carolina Youth Tap Ensemble in Rhythm Evolved

“The dancers of the North Carolina Youth Tap Ensemble (NCYTE) brought their youthful exuberance and polished precision to an enthusiastic audience at the Carolina Theatre on opening night for their new show Rhythm Evolved. They’ll be repeating the performance Sunday, April 28th at 2:00 pm and you would do yourself a favor to be there…”


Durham Herald-Sun
Tap Ensemble ‘evolve’ through talent, hard work

“When the North Carolina Youth Tap Ensemble performs this weekend, expect an evolution. They call their program “Rhythm Evolved” for good reason.
“The seniors named it and put the program together,” ensemble artistic director Gene Medler said...”


UNC-TV’s North Carolina Now

NCYTE seniors Sarah Linden and Lauran Matrazzo, along with Gene Medler, discuss “rhythm Evolved” on UNC-TV’s North Carolina Now.


Triangle Arts & Entertainment: 
Music meets dance at the feet of North Carolina Youth Tap Ensemble

“Tap shoes and bare feet beating on the floor, and hands beating, bare, and with sticks, shakers and drums. At opening night for the North Carolina Youth Tap Ensemble’s Gotta Dance at Carolina Theater in Durham, everything was copacetic.  The Chapel Hill based company made up of 40 dancers from the triangle and beyond was… “


Residents perform in NC Youth Tap Ensemble

“Alaina Malcolm tap dances her way to tranquility.

“When I’ve had a bad day at school or anywhere and I go to dance,” Malcolm said, “I feel that when I’m dancing, I can let my expressions out and nobody will hear them.”


Chapel Hill Magazine
Gotta Dance

“When you go to the Carolina Theatre in Durham this weekend to see the North Carolina Youth Tap Ensemble perform their annual concert, you’ll not only see a showcase of talent by local students, but also by some of the most sought-after tap dancers and choreographers in the industry.”


Wac Stern Show- WCOM 103.5 FM

North Carolina Youth Tap Ensemble – Founder Gene Medler joined Jackie Helvey and Valarie Schwartz on the Wac Stern Show on WCOM 103.5 FM, along with Sam Hickey, Taylor Hartzog, Caroline Vance, and Isabelle Carson Dewitt.


Ashe Mountain Times
Homecoming: Ashe native performs Friday at civic center

Taylor Hartzog has fond memories of her childhood in Jefferson.

She remembers the love and care of Debbie Little at Dancin’ Debbie’s, time spent with family and friends, and the beauty and serenity that is uniquely Ashe County.

She also recalls her early fascinations with noise.

“I think I enjoyed moving around, and jumping up and down and the little steps they teach you,” Hartzog said of starting to dance at the age of 2.


Jefferson Post
NC Youth Tap Ensemble to perform at Civic Center

“A love of dance began in Taylor Hartzog’s formative years in Ashe County, and she returns this weekend during her farewell year with an internationally traveled dance company.

“It’s very exciting because I love Ashe County so much,” said Hartzog, who will be performing Friday, March 30, at Ashe Civic Center with the North Carolina Youth Tap Ensemble.


Daily Tarheel
NC Youth Tap Ensemble auditions for ‘America’s Got Talent’

“The North Carolina Youth Tap Ensemble wants to be able to show America what residents already know — Chapel Hill’s got talent.

The ensemble performed Saturday in front of “America’s Got Talent” judges for a spot on the show at the Charlotte Convention Center.”


Chapel Hill tap dancers to audition for ‘America’s Got Talent’

Chapel Hill News
Music designed to make you groove

Ironing Board Sam has a dream.

Sam, a piano player and singer who has been playing the blues for most of his 72 years, envisions his song “Life is Like a Seesaw” spawning a dance that will sweep the globe.

“I want it to be the next international dance,” said Sam, who lives in Chapel Hill. “We haven’t had dance like that since Chubby Checker and ‘The Twist.’ I think we need that. I’ve always thought ‘Seesaw’ could be it.”


Charlotte Observer
Tappers to perform at Vancouver International Tap Festival

Taylor Hartzog, 17, will travel to Vancouver in September with the N.C. Youth Tap Ensemble to perform at the 2011 Vancouver International Tap Festival. Taylor, a rising senior at Pine Lake Preparatory, has danced with the group, a professional dance company based in Chapel Hill, since eighth grade.


Chicago Tribune
Youth movement captivates and enthralls at ‘JUBA!’

There’s a wonderful print by Pablo Picasso titled “The Dance of Youth,” and it kept coming to mind Wednesday when a treasure trove of young tap dancers lit up the stage at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

The concert was part of the Chicago Human Rhythm Project’s annual “JUBA!” Rhythm World performances, which finish up Saturday, again at the MCA, with a lineup including such troupes as the Cartier Collective, M.A.D.D. Rhythms and the project’s own company.


Time Out Chicago
Rhythm World 2011: JUBA! “Beat-Niks” Concert | Live review

“The most conventional presentation came from five immensely talented, very young members of the North Carolina Youth Tap Ensemble, dancing to “Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing).” They were followed by older NCYTE dancers in a killer, skating, off-balance number choreographed by Jason Janas to “Do Your ’Ting,” by Joseph Webb (himself a tapper).”


Triangle Arts & Entertainment
North Carolina Youth Tap Ensemble is Live Performance at its Best

The world-travelling North Caroline Youth Tap Ensemble (NCYTE) performed Feat of Feet, a full-length rhythm tap concert, this weekend at the Carolina Theater in Durham.  To say that it was a tap concert is incomplete.  In addition to the shoes on their feet, the dancers used hands, bodies, voices, bare feet, various percussion instruments and visual elements to build rhythms.

From the youngest members in the third grade to the graduating seniors, the performers are polished and skillful as dancers, and sophisticated and authentic as performers.


News 14 Carolina
N.C. tap group dances to success

Members of the North Carolina Youth Tap Ensemble have tapped into something special.

UNC graduate Gene Medler started the group more than 25 years ago and said back then the success they’ve achieved was little more than a pipe dream.

“When we started it was very naïve and it was like a bad garage band that just kept practicing and practicing and we got better,” said Medler.


Carrboro Citizen
Tap into Dance

It didn’t take long for Elizabeth Burke to get hooked on tap dancing. When she was 6 years old, her mother took her to a performance of the North Carolina Youth Tap Ensemble (NCYTE) at the Carolina Theater. After the show, the enamored Burke turned to her mother and said, “I have to do that – find out how.” Twelve years later, Burke is one of NCYTE’s eight graduating seniors, and, with 11 years under her belt, the longest-tenured member in the group’s history.


The News & Observer
Gotta Dance!

What do jazz legend Dave Brubeck, Piedmont blues artist Blind Boy Fuller, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the percussive theater stylings of STOMP all have in common?

The answer: Tap dancing. Music from each will be featured in this weekend’s performances by the North Carolina Youth Tap Ensemble.

“Mass Appeal,” the troupe’s latest show, boasts a particularly varied lineup in terms of both music and choreography. Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony makes an appearance, as does music by hip-hop artist Braille. Dance styles include buck, vaudeville, body percussion and jazz.